Public Alpha Release!

Free streaming, downloads and legal torrents are now available internationally.

If you notice that your internet speed won’t allow you to stream content immediately and without buffering, you may want to try our progressive download option. You will need to download the plugin called VCV Player to watch VCV files. The plugin will enable you to also playback ViewCave torrent files either downloaded from, from Mininova, other sites, or from friends.

During the Alpha Release we are testing different technologies and it is possible that you may experience slight delays in playback whilst our ad-supported content propagates through the Content Distribution Networks (CDN’s) internationally.

Not all mobile carriers in all territories may allow you to stream ViewCave content through your mobile devices. We have allowed streaming internationally from our end. If there are playback problems, you may want to contact your mobile carrier’s support team.

Feel free to browse through our site and check out our available titles. Content is added on a periodic basis, so make sure you check out all available titles in the different categories.

In the meantime, we will appreciate your feedback. Please watch the movies, TV shows, music videos or concerts and short films on this site and let us know about your overall viewing experience; specially if you encounter any problems or if you have interesting ideas on how to improve our site.

Content is provided FREE to the viewer thanks to advertisers and sponsors. You do not have to click on the ads that may appear from time to time; however, if you do, the main video will pause… so you won’t miss out on anything.

Thank you for trying out ViewCave! We look forward to creating the viewing experience you’ve been craving for.

Best regards,

The ViewCave Team