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Watch Free Movies Online

ViewCave is a brand new online film distribution company, offering international viewers a revolutionary new way to watch free movies online. Whether through a computer, internet connected TV’s or mobile devices; ViewCave is HTML5 compliant and can be accessed anywhere including via iPhones and iPads.

We are focused on viewer comfort. Our goal: providing you with excellent free entertainment – in HD movie streaming, movie downloads and distributable movie torrent files also in free downloadable form.

Now, you can click any title for instant viewing (which will automatically pause if you click a sponsor). Viewers are able to stream or download movies, TV shows, documentaries, music concerts and short films; watch them as many times they like, and share them with friends without the fear or risk of infringing copyrights – all our content is legally licensed and available for free!

We know your interests are wide and deep, so we are perpetually obtaining and adding new content. We are committed to bringing you engaging and unique content from around the world. Thus, you will have mainstream, independent, and international videos all on your ViewCave site.

Your interests and views shape our service, so let us know what you like/want/enjoy! We look forward to continuing to serve you – and your friends!


If you are interested to advertise on, there are a number of exciting ways of doing so. Please contact us via email with your inquiry and a member of our team will gladly provide you with the information you are after.


Content owners can submit their material for distribution through ViewCave. Please contact our Distribution staff for details.

Glad to be of service,

The ViewCave Team