Glee Goes ‘Gangnam Style’ – Behind the Scenes Video

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The cast of Glee take on ‘Gangnam Style’ — and I’ve got a first look at what all you Gleeks out there can expect!

While we wait patiently for Glee’s return next week, the folks at FOX have given us a sneak peek at rehearsal and performance footage of their take on the trendiest dance around!

And…. what else do we have to look forward to upon the shows return? Umm just a little ‘Greased Lightning.’ No big deal. I’m actually surprised it’s taken them this long to cover it. So here it is, take a listen at the New Directions’ fellas taking a stab at the popular tune we all know and love!

Alright Gleeks — lets break it down! Which song are most looking forward to seeing the Glee cast perform – the new craze ‘Gangnam Style’ or an older classic ‘Greased Lightning!’

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