Zayn Malik Quitting One Direction!?!

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Is Zayn Malik set to quit One Direction!? What!? That’s the latest rumor — and I have all the up-to-date details here!!

So while we were sad about Zayn quitting twitter for a moment, quitting the band is totally tragic — And a legit worst Directioner nightmare!! But don’t freak out yet, guys! The rumor has presented itself in the wake of Zayn’s cheating scandal — with an insider saying all the boy band pressure might be too much for him.

The report also goes on to reveal that Zayn is finding time away from his family to be more and more difficult to handle. Not only that but Simon Cowell has even piped up, saying Malik can have some extra time off if need be.

Now while all these issues are possibly very true — dealing with Perrie drama, missing his family, feeling the pressure — we can confirm that Zayn did open up to saying that these rumors are completely untrue!

So how does this whole story make you feel – pretty unsettling right? DO you think Zayn could possibly leave the band, causing them to break up? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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