Taylor Swift Strips Down At Brit Awards – ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’

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Wedding dress to sexy leather outfit!? Oh yea, Taylor Swift stripped it off during last night’s Brit Awards performance, and it was pretty scandalous! So what did Harry think?

Something tells us Taylor isn’t so innocent these days! Taking to the stage at the Brit Awards show, Taylor gives us her best ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ performance — and well started wearing one thing…And ended in another.

And of course everyone wanted to know what the run-in with Taylor and Harry would be like during the ceremony — but word is the two totally avoided each other. No surprise there. But we did get this Hazza reaction when Taylor walked out on stage — he did in fact clap for her.

Alright so let’s dish, first Taylor’s stripped down performance? Second, are you team Harry or Team Taylor? Break it down in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe!

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