Taylor Swift Disses Harry Styles In Grammys Performance!?!

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Taylor Swift Disses Harry Styles In Grammys Performance!?!
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Did Taylor Swift diss ex Harry Styles during her Grammy Performance!? Well, it certainly seems so!! English accent and all!

Use one of music’s biggest stages to get back at your former flame? I mean… why not, right? Last night T-swifty opened up the awards ceremony with a her hit single, ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ and many were shocked when the singer broke out in an English accent during the production. So was this on purpose? Revenge?!

So after this performance twitter was set a buzz with people wondering if it could really be true that she was trying to publicly call out Mr. Styles. One Direction fans specifically were not afraid to tweet how they really felt on the topic,

Okay what do you guys think? Did she call Harry out? And if so, do you think it was funny or unnecessary!? Let me know!

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