Taylor Swift ‘22’ Music Video First Look!

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Sand, ice cream, a human pyramid… oh ya know… just a few things that make an appearance in Taylor Swift’s newest music video for 22!

I wanna be in one of Taylor’s music videos — it always seems like she has so much fun, right!? Filming at Zuma Beach in Malibu just yesterday, the singer shows off her adventurous and fun-loving side as she rides in a shopping cart, — standing, sitting, dancing even perhaps. I’m not sure exactly what she’s doing there. Joined by a slew of gal pals — the gang is also seen running around the beach, laughing, eating ice cream and well just appearing to have a good time!

Taylor even tweeted about her be achy music video shoot, discussing how fun it was being on set!

Good stuff! So what do you think about this first look? Are you excited!? What’s your favorite Tswift music video to date? Let me know!

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