Robert Pattinson Music Career In the Works!?

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Is Robert Pattinson taking a stab at a music career!? Really!? Well after watching this video, you might say he’s a natural!

So don’t get too excited! I’m don’t think we can expect an album from him ya know…tomorrow. But for real, Rob has some serious guitar strumming skills. And in this video that just recently surfaced, we get to see RPATZ and ME&U singer, Andrea Meli, take an acoustic stab at Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene.’

Also he did in fact make a statement back in 2010 that he could totally see himself focusing on music in the future, when the timing is right.

So I know I’m totally voting for the album but what are your thoughts on Rob pursuing a career in music!? Loving the idea? Or do you think he should stick to acting?

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