One Direction’s New World Tour Announcement Upsets Fans!

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One Big announcement!? Or One Big Disappointment!? The boys of One Direction finally reveal their BIG news of what’s in store for them next… leaving some Directioners kinda discouraged! So what’s your take on the situation?!

We’ve waited 7 whole days for this announcement! Drum roll please… via a press conference this morning at Wembley Stadium, the boys broke the news they will be embarking on a world stadium tour next year called ‘Where We Are’! They’ll be playing at major stadiums in Latin America, Britain and Ireland during the first leg beginning in April, with U.S. dates announced later on. Now obviously this is a huge deal for the guys, but would you believe some fans are not impressed… in fact moments after the announcement, #ONEBIGDISSAPPOINTMENT trended worldwide. Yikes!

Oh man! Directioners… be nice! Well I must say here at Hollywire, we’re super stoked for the boys… in fact, I’m so excited that I put together a mashup of some of our favorite 1D touring moments. You’re welcome and enjoy!

Alright guys, so what do you think about 1D’s big announcement? Super excited? Or were you a little disappointed Let me know in the comments section below and don’t forget to subscribe!

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