One Direction Vs. Backstreet Boys: Better Week?! (Battle of the Boy Bands)

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One Direction sweeps the Billboard Music Awards, But the OG BoyBand Backstreet Boys are celebrating their 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! It’s the ultimate battle of old vs. new, sensei vs. protégé, father vs. son. WHO WILL WIN? Let’s battle it out!

First, let’s announce last week’s champ. It was a tight race between 1D and Emblem3, but the winner is … ONE DIRECTION! And okay, real talk, guys. I got some flak for calling Emblem3 a boyband. I didn’t mean any disrespect! I’m using the term loosely in this series. I mean, they are boys in a band. Boys + band = boyband. It’s math, people! Don’t hate!

OKAY! Let’s start the battle with our reigning champs, One Direction. The guys had YET ANOTHER rockstar week – [like, do they ever have a week where they hang out and watch Hulu like the rest of us?] –
The guys won 3 Billboard Awards for Top New artist, Top Duo/Group and Top Pop Artist, beating out Justin Bieber. And if that weren’t enough, 1D announced the release of their latest book “WHERE WE ARE: Our Band, Our Story” which coincides with their new summer movie and is the same name as their 2014 Global Stadium Tour. Whew. Not a shabby week, fellas.

But the fight isn’t over just yet. The boy band that launched boy band mania – that’s right – The Backstreet Boys – are close on 1D’s heels. They’re making the press rounds celebrating their TWENTIETH anniversary of being together. 20 YEARS, you guys! That’s older than some of you. And to celebrate, they’re gearing up for their ‘In A World Like This’ North American Tour, which kicks off this summer. And their hits may be 20 years old, but they stand the test of time. Case in point: hot new British singer Charli XCX released a video of her covering ‘I Want it That Way’ – and it’s preeeeetty sexy! And hmm, who was it that also covered the song live recently? Oh right. ONE DIRECTION. It comes full circle.

OKAY. So it’s time for YOU to tell me: who won the week? The modern superstars 1D or the legendary BSB? Vote in the comments section below, yo! Of course I’ll tally up the votes and announce the winner in next weeks show. Get excited, get voting, and don’t forget to subscribe!

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