One Direction Dissed – Called Worst Band At NME Awards 2013

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One Direction voted the worst band of the year!? And Harry Styles called a villain!? Say whhhaat!? It’s time to get to the bottom of this!

So who’s behind the name calling? Ohh ya know, just the NME Awards! While musicians like Florence Welch took home best solo artist and Calvin Harris took home best dance floor anthem — the British band was “crowned” with worst band. And Harry – Villian of the year? What does that even mean? Nonetheless, it doesn’t really seem to faze the guys, who are being good sports about it.

So in all fairness — It’s no surprise the boy band got the thumbs down from the magazine’s indie/rock-loving readers — I mean to them it’s not ‘cool’ to like pop boy band music, right!? And knock Hazza, I mean jealous of his gorgeous curly hair much? I don’t know… What’s a boy band to do?

Alright so I need to know what you think? Is One Direction the worst boy band of the year? Is a Harry a villain? Or is this completely unfair and mean? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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