Music Monday Crush: IM5 (Boyband Edition!)

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Need a new boyband to add to your list of dream boyfriends? Well let me tell you a little story about a band called IM5. It’s Teen Dream Central, people.
The boys of IM5 are building buzz like it’s their job. Well, I guess it kind of IS their job. Nice work fellas. So why should 1D and the Wanted feel the heat from this up and coming teen boyband? Lets break down IM5 in 5 easy steps.
1. They may be teens, they may be a pop band, but these boys are worldy.
Coming from all different cultures and backgrounds their pop music has some major global influences.
2. They got moves.
Their dance-pop sound will make you wanna break a sweat – but truth be told, I don’t know if my moves can compare to theirs. Seriously. Check it out!
3. They were put together by a legend.
Star-maker Simon Fuller was responsible for creating this oh-so-crushable boyband. Along side Perez Hilton & Jamie King. Mr. Fuller has managed the likes of The Spice Girls, Amy Winehouse and Carrie Underwood. The man certainly has an eye for talent and he found it with these musical teens.
4. They’re charming goofballs. I’ve interviewed these fellas a couple times now. Why? Um, check out my interview with them!
5. Their adorable love for 5th Harmony!
And let me tell you they’re crushing REAL hard! Check out the message they gave to the girls when I interviewed them at The Radio Disney Music Awards. 5 boys + 5 girls?! Could a whole boyband date a whole girlband? I hope so. And the name of their celebrity couple name would be 5th Squared, duh.
OK I’m done crushing for NOW, but you all should keep swooning over this boyband sensation, because I have a hunch they’ve got a big career ahead of them. You can follow them on Twitter and YouTube @IM5band. And of course subscribe to Hollywiretv while you’re at it! We’ll have you swooning every week! Crush you soon!

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