Monday Music Crush: Megan Nicole!

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It’s Monday, YAYYYYYY!! You might be asking your computer screen: “Chelsea, why are you so excited the weekend is over?” Well I would answer: “Because that means it’s MONDAY MUSIC CRUSH time, yo!” You ready? I’m ready. Let’s CRUSH IT!

This week I am crushing on the darling, the charming, the ever-so-loveable Megan Nicole! And if you don’t already have an undying crush on the teen sensation, let me give you 5 reasons why.

1. She is a YouTube powerhouse.
Back in 2009, Megan covered the Kings of Leon song “Use Somebody” and the rest was Internet history. But this girl isn’t some fleeting web phenom, she’s DOMINATES YouTube — she’s got 1.8 million subscribers and has a total of over 370 million hits

2. She’s a legit musician.
So… Megan isn’t just a pretty face orr a pretty voice. Well, she’s those things too, but let me tell you, the girl has some serious musical talents. She grew up playing the piano, and if you noticed in her Kings of Leon cover, she kills it on the guitar. And she puts those talents to use in her covers and her originals which sets her apart from a lot of pop stars.

3. Her creative, quirky vids.
Megan’s covers and original songs are amazing on their own — but she maintains her YouTube dominance in part thanks to her super creative, silly, visually dynamic videos. Her newest single Summer Forever has some incredible visuals, many of which she came up with herself. And my personal favorite? Oh just her dancing with a bunch of monkeys in onesies to Bruno Mars.

4. She’s working with Diddy’s label.
How many teenage girls do you know working with Diddy? I’m thinking it’s just this one. Megan signed on with Interscope and Bad Boy Records — Diddy’s label. So basically, she’s a total badass. Do you think she’ll change her name to M. Niccy?

5. She dropped the ultimate summer single.
Her new summer hit ‘Summer Forever’ is so freaking awesome, I can’t even deal. It is literally the perfect song for the season!

This concludes my Megan Nicole love fest, but I have a feeling this crush isn’t some passing summer fling. If you’re already a Megan Nicole fan, tell us why you love her in the comments section below. And if you aren’t already a subscriber, check out all her tunes on YouTube at @MeganNicoleSite and um, while you’re at it, hit that Subscribe button at Hollywire! Because we crush on YOU too!

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