Little Mix Vs. The Wanted: Better Week?! (Battle Of The Boybands)

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It’s another boys vs. girls showdown this week in Battle of the Boy Bands. And this time? It’s a battle from across the pond: Little Mix vs. The Wanted. Let’s battle it out, yo!

First up, we have our reigning champions who beat out Emblem3 last week — Little Mix! The girls were doing pretty well last week, but, um, they CRUSHED IT this week. The British darlings released their album DNA in the US and it premiered in the #4 spot on the Billboard Charts. That means over 50,000 American fans bought their album in the first week. And they’re not just selling albums, they’re breaking records! They beat out the Spice Girls as the highest EVER charting UK girl group on the US charts. I have a hunch America’s love affair with Little Mix has only just begun. And let the record stand, we loved them before they were charting.

Next up in the ring we have the ‘bad boy’ boy band, better known as The Wanted. The guys’ officially became reality stars this week, with Sunday’s premiere of their E! series ‘The Wanted Life’. And while fans lovvvvved seeing an inside look on the boys’ drama, the ratings were not too impressive. BUT America is still in the midst of a love affair with these edgy Brits — this week they practically got mobbed at the airport in LA, they rang the bell at the New York stock exchange, and they made the TV interview rounds — including a discussion about Max’s …um… relationship with Lindsay Lohan. Check it out!

DING DING DING! The battle is OVER! So which British band won over America this week? The adorable Little Mix? Or the filter-less boys of The Wanted? Cast your vote in the comments section below and of course I’ll tally up the conversation and announce the winner in next week’s show! So get voting right about now… get exicted… and of course subscribe to HollywireTV, yo!! It’s the only way to get your fix!

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