Harry Styles’ New Chest Tattoo & Meaning!!

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One Direction’s Harry Styles get’s yet another tattoo — so what’s the meaning behind this one?

So he’s only been legally allowed to get tats for seven months now — and it seems the kid loves the ink! He recently posted a pic including his new left arm artwork. We see a black star, an iced Gem, comedy and tradgedy drama masks, a birdcage and the letters SMCL that some are saying either means “smile more, cry later” or the initials for Simon Cowell.

His one Tattoo that reads Pingu — and represents a British-Swiss claymation television serious about a penguin — we know is a friendship tat with Mr. Ed Sheeran.

So what do you think about all of Harry’s tattoos and what do you think they mean? Do you think it’s hot when guys have a lot of tats? Or not so much?

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