Harry Styles Hit In Crotch By Shoe While On Stage– TMH Tour (Glasgow)

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Holy ouch! One Direction’s Harry Styles falls over in pain after being hit with a shoe while on stage in Scotland! So is he okay!?

Okay I know we’re all excited that 1D has officially hit the road for their 2013 Take Me Home Tour — but that doesn’t mean we can go around throwing things! Hazza definitely got it good last night when a flying shoe hit him square in the crotch. And while it appears as though he laughed it off… you can definitely tell he’s in a bit of pain!

Haha I love that he stretches it out…. So besides these minor incidents, how’s the tour going so far you ask!? Well I put together a mash up of some fan videos to ya know… make you feel like you’re really there!

Okaie dokey! So if you could take home any one of the boys of 1D who would it be? Niall? Harry?! Zayn?! Louis?!? Liam?!?!. Let me know!

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