Fifth Harmony Vs. Justin Bieber: Best Frank Ocean ‘Thinking About You’ Cover!?

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Fifth Harmony versus Justin Bieber — an unlikely comparison, perhaps! But they both covered Frank Ocean — so I need to know, which one do you like better!?

Okay, so yesterday, the spunky girls of Fifth Harmony inspired us by uploading this amazing cover of Frank Ocean’s ‘Thinking About You.’ It’s a cappella and so darn good!

And as you may recall the Biebs and BFF Jaden Smith did a rendition of the single as well — ya know putting their own spin on it. It’s also pretty darn snazzy.

Okay, so let’s first agree on the fact that Frank Ocean is the bomb-diggity! Okay…and now between these two really rad and pretty different covers — which one do you enjoy the most?

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