Fifth Harmony ‘Miss Movin’ On’ New Single Released!

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The girls of Fifth Harmony release their new single, ‘Miss Movin’ On’… and as expected, we’re. Obsessed!

So if you haven’t heard it yet… SHAME on YOU! I’m just kidding, but for real… We’ve waited too long for new music from the girls! And finally letting us feast our ears on what they’ve been cooking up in the studio, it’s safe to say… we can’t wait to hear more! RIGHT!? Check it out!

Oh, and did I mention they actually set a record on Saturday Night Online where they premiered their new song. They attracted more listeners to the site than ever before! Wicked wild! So what were the girls reactions to the premiere? Umm.. Lots of screaming.. And jumping up and down. Just watch…

Alright so what do you guys think of fifth harmony’s new single? Let me know in the comments section below and don’t forget to subscribe!

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