Crystal Ponies – Mane Theme 2 (mash-up)

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Another working name “Melon Ponies – Crystal Theme 2”

Decided to do a small mash-up before christmas, since originally planned christmas sing-a-recording failed, and other projects I’m only able to finish on upcoming year due lack of hard-drive space and vacation.

In case you are wondering, this specific piece has been done with Pinnacle Studio 14 instead of Avid Studio. Surpringly enough, this video turned to be rather good.

Anyways, the original tune to which the ponified-version are based is called “MainTheme2” by Mark “The Dark” Knight/TDK for Commondore Amiga-cracks.
You can find his 2005 remix here:
And here’s the original one as played on “Dark Hornet”-crack:

“Unwordly Ponies” can be found here:
“Fluttershy’s Cheers are heard from Other Worlds” can be found here:

WAV-download (rendered on Pinnacle Studio):
(better) WAV-download: (will be uploaded later this year): —–

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