WTF! Taylor Swift ‘New Girl’ Guest Star Controversy!

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Taylor Swift FINALLY had her New Girl debut on the season finale and after much anticipation and huge amount of press, she was… on screen for less than 30 seconds. WTF??
So much attention was given to T-Swifts guest starring role that you’d think she was joining the cast permanently. The episode was called “Elaine’s Day,” which was Taylor’s character’s name. Promo Stills were released and even the cast couldn’t stop talking about working with her! But Taylor’s whole scene lasted under 30 seconds and her screen time was a grand total of 15 seconds. FIFTEEN SECONDS!
Okay you guys so, that brings me to the #HWLessonoftheday is “if you need a Taylor Swift fix, stick to YouTube or specifically HollywireTV — we got you Taylor!”

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