The Jerome ‘Live Drumming’ Experience in London, UK

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Jerome is best described as a well-traveled and highly passionate pro-drummer – one of the worlds loudest in fact!

Originally from France which is where we expect he most likely inherited his ‘passion’ for percussion from, and now based in London, UK with a vision to showcase something slightly alternative to the wider drumming world and live audiences out there.

“It’s a bit like the `Cirque du Soleil’ of drums” says one man who witnessed the live drumming show titled as ‘The Jerome Experience’

Some may recollect the infamous rocker Tommy Lee from Motley Cru once showcasing something similar during a concert where whilst drumming, an intricate motorized rig enabled him to continue doing so to a full 360 degrees rotation. So what Jerome is doing is bringing this same concept to a localized and more intimate audience and with his immense passion and showmanship he reels you into his world and his so-called live ‘experience’.

And of course the concept can go way beyond just a live experience – it can be partnered with the right drumming brand as a marketing angle, and it can also be implemented into a larger scale concert-setting enhancing the live experience with any band or musician on stage.

We certainly admire any individual worldwide who takes a chosen art or craft and evolves it into becoming a unique style of showcasing something we may already be quite familiar with and so we give Jerome the GUAVO tag and seal of approval and with full respect for his gusto!

People can catch ‘The Jerome Experience’ live every Friday in Tottenham, London.

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