Sound Central 2013- ‘Truckfest’ is born- Taking ‘alternative’ Music outside of Kabul in Afghanistan – Publicity Stunt

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We give special props to Travis Beard and his entire team of musical trailblazers based out in Kabul, Afghanistan who have been on a musical mission in the regions for a while. If running an alternative musical festival in Kabul sounds amazing to you – imagine planning to take this mission outside of Kabul and then playing an alternative concert in the back of a truck! That’s exactly what was done just a few weeks ago – and all part of the exciting build-up towards the 3rd Sound Central Music Festival in the region.

Sound Central was born out of the belly of the tiny underground music scene in Kabul in 2007. Argus and Combat Communications has been plugging in amps and taking electric shocks to bring music to the masses.

With support from the international community growing the dream of hosting Afghanistan’s first ever modern music festival came to fruition on October the 1st 2011. 8 bands played to over 500 Afghan Youth.

In the space of two years the festival had gone from a modern music festival to an alternative arts festival and now just a few weeks away from the 2013 festival.

The reason why they take on this a project in such a challenging environment:

* To give a platform to Afghan Artists to express themselves
* To give Afghan youth access to alternative arts in a safe environment
* To give a special platform to female artists in a comfortable environment
* To invite region and international artists to exchange cultures and ideas
* To show to the entire world that Afghanistan is rich in culture and does have a longing
to indulge in the arts like any other country does.

We look forward to supporting the festival from the region in 2014 and watch this space as we help showcase the incredible artists emerging from Kabul in Afghanistan.

Demanding to be heard and completely fitting the remit of the worldwide Guavo Music Sessions. Where only the artists and musicians who have an element of ‘Incredible’ to what they are doing get featured regardless of genre or location.

Location: Just outside Kabul in Afghanistan

For music artists based anywhere worldwide who would like to perform at the festival in 2014 feel free to reach out and also show your support to quite an innovative project.

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