Selena Gomez ‘Come And Get It’ Performance – MTV Movie Awards 2013!

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Selena Gomez got all all bollywood on us during her performance of ‘Come and Get It’ during last night’s MTV Movie Awards — and with it causing quite the buzz of mixed reviews on Twitter, I wanna get your feedback!

There’s no doubt that Selgo’s performance was the ultimate ex boyfriend revenge — girlfriend looked smoking! I’m talking wild-haired, barefoot and wearing a hot red red tunic — got down to her new single, and was joined by a posse of harem dancers to prance across the stage with. It was quite the performance. Take a look!

So sassy Selena! Now this was the first time Selena has ever used a headset while performing and also had a full-on choreographed dance routine. She also opened up to MTV News about which pop singer in sired her performance and it turned out to be none other than Britney Spears!

Yea, I can totally see the resemblance! Alright guys, so I must say I’m super impressed that she didn’t lip synch and danced her heart out. That’s can’t be easy! But her performance has been getting mixed reviews? SO what did you think? Love it or hate it!? Let me know in the comments section below and don’t forget to subscribe!

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