One Direction’s Zayn Malik Cheating Rumors!?!

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Did One Direction member Zayn Malik cheat on his girlfriend, Perrie Edwards? Could this be why he deleted his Twitter account!

We gotta address this video of Zayn that’s causing a lot of buzz, which was shot by a young fan through a peephole of a hotel room. Cheating accusations come into play when Zayn yells to the girl that is trying to get by the security guards — to “Wait a half a hour and come back to his room” He also proceeds to ask how old she is.

Of course it was only a couple hours before this video was published that Zayn deleted his Twitter account, saying that he was tired of all the hate on the social network site.

Now we don’t know when this video was taken. And Zayn and Perrie have been on/off for about a year now. Plus, you can’t even tell if it really is Zayn — anyways, I want to know your feedback on whether you think Zayn cheated on Perrie or if this is all being blown out of proportion.

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