One Direction Vs. The Wanted: Twitter Feud Gets Nasty! (UPDATED)

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The Wanted’s Jay McGuiness Calls One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson arrogant and overrated! Whoa, it’s an all-out twitter war between these boy bands and I have the latest dramatic details!

It’s a real live boy band battle!!! So we were all completely shocked last night when an intense feud between these bands broke out on Twitter. It all started after The Wanted’s Tom Parker got wind of 1D’s Louis making some sort of comment about them at their concert. To which he took to twitter saying: “@ Louis_Tomlinson You even talk about us at your gigs. Are you that upset you didn’t get in this band?”

To which Louis responded with: “@TomTheWanted Pal, we both know I wouldn’t waste my time auditioning for your band. You humor me with your bad boy persona.”

It was then that 1D’s Liam got involved poking fun at the TW Member saying that their drummer had more followers than him. So where was Tom’s backup? In came Jay who tweeted quite the message to Louis:

“I’m not sure what’s happened since we saw you at the X-Factor, but you’ve done a sterling job of becoming one of the most overrated, arrogant and not to mention insincere people around. Your shocking lack of talent will only be forgiven by lots of humility and no-strings-attached friendship among your band. Louis, don’t measure your worth in followers or money, because they’re fickle, and when they go you might use feel worthless.”

And the boys girlfriends got involved too, Tom’s GF Kelsey Hardwick tweeted, “Louis Spends more time tweeting Tom Parker than his own “well deserved” fans” to which Louis’s GF Eleanor replied with #NipSlip —because apparently Kelsey had an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction a while back.

SO where do things stand now? Well it doesn’t seem like anything was resolved and as of late most of the tweets have been deleted. But as the war did come to an end, our fave tweet came from the Wanted’s Max who pretty much summed up what we were all thinking, “Boxing matches for charity… Who’s in? :)”

Okay guys so what do you think about this this boy band battle? Are you on team One Direction or team The Wanted? Who do you think is more in the wrong? Let me know your thoughts on this whole dramatic ordeal in the comments!

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