One Direction Vs. Taylor Swift – Best New Album?

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Tis true, friends! Both Tay Tay and 1D are releasing their crazy buzzed about albums in the next couple months — and we can’t stop thinking about them! So here’s the rundown — let’s first start with Taylor who’s first single off the album, ‘We are Never Ever Getting Back together’ — currently holds the #1 spot on the Billboard hot 100 — the vid was just released yesterday and we’re pretty much obsessed.

And One Direction? They just let the cat out of the bag that their album title is ‘Take Me Home’ — and their first single, Live While We’re Young — is currently the fastest selling single in pre-order history. Yea pre-order, meaning none of us have even heard it yet!

Okay! It’s tough, but let me know which album, Tswifts Red or 1D’s Take Me Home — you’re most looking forward to this Fall!!

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