One Direction Vs. Emblem3: Better Week?! (Battle Of The Boybands)

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The fellas of Emblem3 team up with Selena Gomez and One Direction announce their massive world tour! So which awesome group had the better week?! Let’s Battle it out, yo!

Last week’s champ was… drum roll… One Direction! So will they hold their title, or will Emblem3 steal it from them!

First up in the ring, our reigning champs hit fans with a big announcement yesterday, which they hyped up for a whole week! Finally spilling the beans, they revealed that in 2014, they’ll embark on a huge world stadium tour called “Where We Are.” Some fans were super stoked about this announcement while others were like #OneBigDissappointment. The boys also revealed more deets about their third studio album, saying it will be “rockier” and “edgier” than their previous music. We’re thinking the title of the album also could be ‘Where We Are.” but don’t quote me on that just yet! Oh, and did I mention they covered the Titanic theme song at one of their recent shows!? Check it out!

Next up, the trio known as Emblem3 just made plans to join Selena Gomez on the North America Leg of her #starsdance World tour! Pretty big deal boys! The former X-Factor finalists released a statement about the new adventure, expressing how pumped they are! And recently releasing their new single, Chloe, the fellas also performed at KIISFM’s Wango Tango this past weekend! Ohh… and danced with me on the red carpet… Best week ever? I think so!

Okay guys let’s biggity break it down cause it’s battle of the boy bands and that’s what we do here! So between One direction and Embelm3 which musically talented group had the better week? And this isn’t whom you necessarily like more, but who you genuinely think had the best week! Of course I’ll tally up the votes and announce the winners next Friday. Get excited, get voting, subscribe and get your team hashtag trending!!! Who will it be? #team1d or #teamemblem3?! Get you’re votes in and be sure to add #HWBoybandbattle!

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