One Direction & Little Mix Collaboration!! (Rock My DNA)

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A One Direction and Little Mix collaboration!? Yup this totally happened, and the product is nothing short of amaze sauce! Brace yourselves Directioners & Mixers — it’s gonna be a wild ride!

Okay real talk! What do you get when you combine your favorite british musical groups, 1D and Little Mix!? Well the first answer — Zerrie. True! But second, ummm.. This amazing mashup our friend Earlvin Jules Soco, aka mashup extroidinaire put together. Feast your ears on One Directions ‘Rock Me’ paired with Little Mix’s ‘DNA.’ Otherwise known as ‘Rock My DNA.’ Enjoy!

Well that was amazing! And now I want to do it with two more of their songs — I’m addicted! Shall we try this in music vid form? Yes please!

Okay guys, so what are you thoughts on 1D and Little Mix collaborating!? After hearing that, it seems like a pretty rad idea, right!? Or do you prefer they collab with other peeps? Let me know in the comments section below!

For the full version of ‘Rock My DNA’ click the link below and check out some of Earlvin’s other mashups right here!:

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