One Direction Fashion & Style – Halloween Costume Guide!

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Happy Almost Halloween, guys! So okay, obviously the #1 group costume this year will be the boys of One Direction, duh. But how could a costume possibly capture such boy band perfection? I got your back.

If you want to nail a Louie costume, you’ll need his outfit staples: 1) a striped tee 2) bright red jeans and 3) of course, suspenders.

If you wanna be Zayn, you can wear a simple tee, jeans and some high top kicks, but you simply MUST top it off with his most iconic piece: the Letterman varsity jacket, of course.

Give your preppiest friend the role of Niall — all you’ll need is a brightly colored Polo shirt, khakis and those bright, white sneaks he always wears

Have a friend who doesn’t want to shop for a costume? Give them Liam. As the most dressed-down of the group, a Liam costume comes down to a casual plaid button-down shirt and some light-washed jeans.

And finally, there’s Harry. To make your Harry stand out, nab yourself a Catholic school blazer and finish it off with some colored skinny jeans — I think the most iconic hue is maroon, if you can find it!

And the two ingredients every 1D impersonator will need? A LOT of hair gel to get those perfect coiffed hair styles just right. And… singing lessons? You know everyone is gonna be asking you to sing “What Makes You Beautiful” in perfect harmony. But you’re on your own for that one!

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