One Direction Falls Victim To Hilarious Prank!

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The boys of 1D get the ultimate rug pulled from under them and I’ve got the details here!

The fellas of One Direction were totally fooled when British comedy duo Ant & Dec devised a plot to dress up as a crazy fan and faint in front of them. Oh my! The five some proceeded to panic and call an ambulance before the prank was hilariously revealed to them. Prankster Dec Donnely opened up ruse with a hilarious breakdown!

Alright so we know that 1D is no stranger to pranks, being kind of the ultimate pranksters themselves. So I put together a quick mashup of some hilarious One Direction trickster moments. Take a look!

Ok you guys, so what do you think about the 1D boys getting a taste of their own medicine. Do you think they deserve it a little? Or do you feel kind of bad for them. Let me know in the comments section below and don’t forget to subscribe!

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