Monday Music Crush: Megan & Liz!

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It’s Monday Music Crush time! Are you ready for some swooning? I can’t hear you! ARE YOU READY FOR SOME SWOONING? There we go. Prepare to crush on MEGAN AND LIZ!

So I’ve had a legit girl crush on this twosome ever since my first interview with them last September. And since then, I’ve seen their career totally blow up. So why should YOU also be obsessed with this adorable pair? How about I break it down, cool?

1. They’re twins.
No seriously! Can’t you see the resemblance! They’re not just sisters, or collaborators… but they actually shared a womb.. not a room.. a womb! Can you say chemistry people?

2. They’re the queens of YouTube covers.
They made their first YouTube hit when they were 14 back in 2007 — basically the YouTube Stone Age — covering “Ain’t No Mountan High Enough.” Since then they’ve proven there Ain’t No…Note High Enough — with tons of brilliant pop covers. One of my latest faves is 1D’s “Kiss You.” Check it!

3. I’m obsessed with their new single!
If that’s not your summer jam, then I don’t know who you are! This is just the first of many hits, as they’re currently working on their debut album, ‘Look What You Started’ with some of the biggest producers in the industry including music legend Max Martin – who, incase you’re unfamiliar… has written and produced for T-Swift, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, BSB and N’Sync to name a few. Not to shabby girls.
Oh and not brag, but they totally did an exclusive acoustic performance for Hollywire!

4. They’re fantastic role models.
These girls may be young and beautiful and famous…but they stay connected to real issues facing their peers. They’re incredibly dedicated to anti-bullying campaigns — the music video for their single “Are You Happy Now?” is all about harsh teenage bullying and is really emotional.

5. They’re so freakin cute, I can’t deal.
No really. I just can’t. They have the best energy and totally those people you just love being around! I basically think the world would be a better, cuter and more stylish place if everyone had a Megan and Liz combo as their best friend!
Okay that’s all the crushing I can HANDLE for one week, but be sure to check them out on Twitter and YouTube @MeganandLiz.
Let me know in the comments what you think of them and if you’ve been a Megan & Liz fan for a WHILE, tell me why you love them so much. Help spread the word, yo! Crush ya later!

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