Miley Cyrus ‘We Can’t Stop’ Music Video First Look!

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Miley Cyrus releases not just one but two teasers for her ‘We Can’t Stop’ music video and let me tell you… it looks like a serious party.. And Miley looks gorgeous!!

So last week we saw some pretty bootlyicious pictures from on set of the music vid, and this week we get some teasers! Not too shabby! Oh and it’s a fact that ‘We can’t stop’ listing to this song. Ehhh you see what I did there!? Check it out!

And while there’s been tons of talk of Miles working with Justin Bieber, she finally confirmed that the pair have indeed collaborated. Wait, what? So where’s it at? We want to hear…..

Okay guys so get stoked because the ‘We Can’t Stop’ music video premieres this week, June 19th on VEVO! But until then I want to know what your favorite Miley Cyrus music video is…Party in the USA? The Climb? Can’t Be Tamed?! Let me know in the comments section below and don’t forget to subscribe!

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