Miley Cyrus Intervention Needed!?!

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Is Miley Cyrus in need of an intervention? Well, that’s the rumor!

So, we’ve all seen the changes Miley’s been going through these days — new haircut, more tattoos, new style of music. But could this erratic behavior be attached to drug use? And is her family planning an intervention? That’s what Star Magazine is reporting — but a source close to Miley reassures that this is 100% false.

Speaking of her new music, have you heard her recent dubstup song called ‘Decisions,’ in which she collaborates with Israeli dubstep artist Borgore. I think out of all the style changes she’s going through, this one confuses me the most.

So what do you think? Is Miley on drugs? Or is the media being obnoxious and trying to stir nonsense up!?

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