Megan Nicole Reveals Album Details & Cimorelli Love!

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Take a sneak peak into Megan Nicole’s upcoming debut album, as she dishes all the juicy details on recording her first original single “Summer Forever”! This self-proclaimed “crazy, random, and weird” YouTube starlet can’t stop smiling as she explains that her new single is breaking free from the emotional and slow tempo songs that she usually performs. “Summer Forever” is a “feel good, fun song” as are most of the tracks on her upcoming album.

These catchy and upbeat songs are for anyone who wants to celebrate being young, live in the moment, and just enjoy life! See why I love this young superstar so much with a glimpse of her “Summer Forever” video (spoiler alert: she floats in the pool on a swan with a fur coat and tiara, you go girl). It’s no surprise that the toughest part of Megan Nicole’s career so far is choosing which tracks to put on her album because this talented girl has too many to choose from!

Not only is she a role model to so many people, she is the “queen of covers!” Be on the look out for her most recent by Avril Lavigne, “Here’s To Never Growing Up.” Her original songs and covers alike all share Megan’s most important message: “Be yourself and just love yourself!!” We love you Megan!

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