Ke$ha Vs. Big Time Rush: Best ‘Woo Hoo’ Party Anthem?!

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Woohoo!!! Both KeSha and Big Time Rush sample Blur’s hit ‘Song 2’ aka ‘woohoo’— and with Ke$ha’s version leaking in full — TODAY — it’s time we take a listen to both and see which we prefer!

In classic Ke$ha form, she uses her witty lyrics, sassy raps, and signature singing voice to make the song her own. Now while this isn’t the first time fans have heard the song, it is the first time a high quality rendition of the party anthem has graced the Internet and our eardrums!! Let’s take a listen, shall we?

And.. The original, yea let’s listen to that one too!

Okay guys! Let’s break it down — which version do you prefer? Ke$ha’s? Big Time Rush’s? Or the original?! Put your vote in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!

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