Justin Timberlake ‘Mirrors’ Official Music Video Released!

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Justin Timberlake releases ‘The 20/20 Experience’ & new music video for ‘Mirrors!’ So I clearly need to know your thoughts on Justin’s comeback thus far!

So it’s been a big week for Justin, having just released his much-anticipated album, which is predicted to sell over 750,000 copies by the end of its tracking week. Which…is crazy beyond crazy! And then releasing his very personal ‘Mirrors’ music video, which he dedicates to his grandparents and essentially tells their love story. It’s definitely a very cool concept.

And if this week hasn’t provided enough JT for you, there is also buzz that he will embark on a solo tour sometime in the fall!

What do you think about Justin’s new album and also his newest music video!? Are you glad he’s making music again or do you wish he had just stayed out of the studio this time around!?

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