Justin Bieber Vs. Miley Cyrus: Best Will.I.Am Collaboration!?

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What do Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus have in common? Welp, they both just released a single with the coolest guy in the music industry, So which collab are you digging the most? Let’s break it down!

So this week our ears were oh-so-happy to get a first listen of Miley and’s cheeky and party-ready single, ‘Fall Down’. In addition to a signature club beat — duh, it also has unexpected moments, we got some whistling, orchestra chime in… Not to mention the musicians find themselves in a love affair spitting pretty sensual lyrics back and forth.

And as the current radio hit, the Biebs teams up with will.i/am for the epic tune, #ThatPower. It has a hashtag in front of it, which clearly makes it the coolest! The song is energetic and all around rad. Not to mention, both Will and Bieber keep teasing the music video as the best thing ever. So we can’t wait!

Alright guys! So I have to know, which collab are you digging more? Which do you think will be your summer anthem! And note to self, you don’t really have to choose between these two ’cause both will be featured on’s upcoming album #WillPower out April 23rd!

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