Justin Bieber & Keenan Cahill Perform Silly Mash Up!

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Justin Bieber and YouTube sensation, Keenan Cahill get their swag on in a new viral video — and I’ve got it here!

So the only thing that is better than a Kennan lip-synching a JBiebs song, is doing it, well alongside Justin himself. The two jam out to not just ‘As Long as You Love Me,’ but also ‘Beauty and A Beat.’

It’s fair to say we’re a bit jealous of Keenan and his video guests. Remember when one of our favorite boy bands Big Time Rush joined him for a little collab? It was awetastic!

Okay, so between these two collabs, which one do you like more, Justin Bieber or Big Time Rush?

Check out the full videos of Keenan’s performances below:

Keenan + Justin Bieber:

Keenan + Big Time Rush:

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