FIRST LISTEN: Demi Lovato’s New Album ‘Demi’!!

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Lovatics rock out to Demi’s album 1-week early, because I mean releasing your album on its actual release date is SO not trendy! So which track is going to be the soundtrack of your summer?

Give Demi Lovato fans a challenge, and you better believe they’ll accomplish it, one trending song title at a time. So while D’s 4th studio album was supposed to be released on May 14th, yesterday the singer gave us the opportunity to unlock the toe tapping tunes early. She tweeted, “Who wants to hear my album RIGHT NOW??? Directing fans to a special website where the locked songs were waiting to be uncovered. Once the song title became trending on Twitter, it was then made available for streaming. It only took three hours for fans to get a hold on all 13 songs off the album.

With the album getting rave reviews from fans online, once all the songs were unveiled, Demi tweeted out appreciation for all her fans.

Alright guys, so what do you think of Demi’s new album? Which song is your favorite? Give me your opinion in the comments section below.

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