Ed Sheeran & Elton John Grammys 2013 Performance – ‘The A-Team’!

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Ed Sheeran & Elton John Grammys 2013 Performance – ‘The A-Team’!
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Ed Sheeran is pretty much the best! Taking over the Grammy’s stage last night with legend, Elton John — it’s safe to say his performance was pretty epic!

Ed and Elton gave each other a high-five as they finished performing ‘The A-Team’ during last night’s awards ceremony. Their duet was definitely a highlight of the night, and although Ed didn’t take home a Grammy — still kinda upset about that — it seems like he had a pretty great evening!

And Ed recently opened up to us about his Grammy nomination and the hilarious story about how his parents reacted when they first heard the news!

Alright guys so what do you think about Ed’s performance last night!? Was it one of your favorites? Let me know!

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