Carly Rose Sonenclar ‘Stole My Heart’ (One Direction Cover)

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My girl Carly Rose Sonenclar takes on One Direction’s ‘Stole My heart’ — so which version are you loving more! It’s high-energy club beat vs. the ultimate love ballad!

So how much do you miss Carly? The former X-Factor contestant always impressing us with her amazing vocals! And this cover is no different. Girl puts her own spin on 1D’s single as she takes to the piano and with tons of emotion belts out the tune! In my opinion her version sounds like a completely different song, you be the judge!

So for comparing purposes, let’s also take a little listen to the original version… from our boys!
They sound completely different right!? So while we respect both versions, I want to know which one you like more…Carly’s ballad? Or 1D’s club beat original? Let me know in the comments section below!

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