Bosnia Herzegovina 2011 ESC

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Bosnia Eurovision 2011

Bosnia & Herzegovina takes a soft approach to the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. Dino Merlin will represent his country with the mainly English-language entry Love In Rewind. The song is set in a calm mid-tempo production and was presented on stage in the show together with a band of musicians as well as a circus artist.
Special guests

The Bosnian one-and-a-half-hour show paid homage to Dino Merlin’s extensive career with song performances and several special guests.

Italy’s return to the Eurovision Song Contest was also given special attention, as the duo Jalisse was invited as one of the guest acts. They told the viewers that they like the country’s comeback song, Follia d’Amore, performed by Raphael Gualazzi.

The Eurovision Song Contest will always have a special ring to it for Jalisse, being the latest Italian representative from the 1997 Contest.

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