Austin Mahone ‘What About Love’ Music Video Released!

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Newest hearthrob, Austin Mahone, releases his official music video for ‘What About Love’ and if you haven’t fallen for this cutie yet, it’s safe to say this vid might seal the deal!

Another day, another heartthrob tugging on our heart strings. No joke! With swoon worthy lyrics, impressive dance moves and his signature beanie hat, Austin proves he’s one step closer to pop stardom in his brand spanking new music video. Check it out!

My favorite part is that only 2 years ago he started posting vids to YouTube and looks so adorable and young!

So many people are saying Austin is the next Justin Bieber, so I wanna get your guys take on this one! Does he have what it takes to be a world dominating pop sensation like our beloved Bieber? Let’s talk it out in the comments section below!! Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe!

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