Ariana Grande & Mac Miller Vs. Little Mix & Missy Elliott: Best Collab?!

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So many collabs this week, so little time! So between Ariana Grande and Mac Miller Versus the girls of Little Mix & Missy Elliot, which musician combo have you been most excited to rock out to this week!? Let’s get jiggy with it!

t’s a collab that’s so polar opposite we’re obsessed! And who’s idea was it to put Nickelodeon darling, Ariana Grande and rapper Mac Miller together!? Well their song is ‘The Way’ and it already snagged the number 1 spot on the iTunes chart! Not to mention there’s so much chemistry between these two, do you feel it? That kiss!?

So let’s be serious, you and I both know it’s a pretty freaking big deal to have pop/hip-hop legend Missy Elliot spit a verse on your new single, right!? Like a huge deal! And while we were surprised to first hear of the collab between Missy and UK’s girl group Little Mix — it really is a genius combination! The song’s called How Ya doin?” and it’s pretty rad!

Alight guys so which collab are you loving the most!? Ariana & Mac or Little Mix & Missy?! Let me know in the comments section below and don’t forget to subscribe!

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