Is Jar Jar Supreme Leader Snoke? The Star Wars Cast Weighs In

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The Star Wars universe has given its audience plenty of material to speculate over, but a recent fan theory claiming that Jar Jar Binks was really Supreme Leader Snoke is especially fascinating. Jar Jar has often been pegged as the most disliked character in the canon. A revelation that he could have conspired with Chancellor Palpatine, rather than acted as his pawn, would add a much-needed depth to a character forced to be the butt of every purist’s joke. We spoke with the cast of Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the film’s West Coast premiere to see where they stood on the matter. Related Stories: 10 Things About Star Wars You Should Know Before Seeing the New Movie J.J. Abrams on the Easter Egg Moment Star Wars Fans Should Look For The Cast of Star Wars Sings A Cappella on The Tonight Show See Over 50 Gorgeous Photos From Star Wars: The Force Awakens Here’s the Full Cast of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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